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For fashion designers, the combination of zipper style design can enhance the function, strengthen the style, enrich the design language, try to apply zipper to all details of clothing, dart, shoulder line, yuke, skirt......

In addition to the conventional structural line design, the line sense of zipper can also be used to deconstruct and reconstruct the clothing, forming an anti-conventional clothing effect, such as making the "line" extend to the slender waist, or local shrinkage, expansion and deformation...  There are numerous ways to enhance visual tension.

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In addition to the original function, the zipper can also make the clothes interesting decorations, interspersed between the lines and surfaces of the clothes, and become a special decoration.

A little change, but also can produce a lot of different styles of design creativity.  For example, an elegant evening dress with a metallic zipper is soft and tough, which instantly makes it sexy, or a stiff bronze metal zipper on denim for a nostalgic look.

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