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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): In addition to creating profits and fulfilling legal obligations to shareholders and employees, our company recognizes the responsibility towards consumers, communities, and the environment. We do not prioritize profit as the sole objective but emphasize the value of people in the production process and the contributions to the environment, consumers, and society.

Scientific Development: The mission of the company is to achieve development and profitability while also contributing to increased tax revenue and national progress.

Sustainable Development: Recognizing the finite nature of environmental resources, we emphasize the need for recycling and resource conservation in line with our development.


Environmental Protection: With global and national economic development, environmental degradation, particularly air, water, and ocean pollution, has become increasingly severe. Our company annually increases investments in environmental protection and maintenance, continuously improving the environmental protection budget and contributing to the harmony of nature

and humanity.

Cultural Construction: Each year, our company allocates a certain budget for educational and cultural development.

Charitable Initiatives: Human development is imbalanced, and there are still impoverished populations in certain countries and regions. We deeply understand the hardships faced by these individuals and are committed to participating in poverty alleviation efforts, making our due contribution to social charitable causes.

Protection of Workers' Rights and Interests: The physical health of our employees is a fundamental right. We prioritize labor protection, continuously improve worker welfare and salary levels, and strive for the mutual development of the company and its employees.

Responsibility to Shareholders: We strictly comply with relevant laws and regulations, ensuring the safety and returns on shareholders' investments. We provide timely and reliable information regarding business operations and investments to fully protect shareholders' rights and interests.

Responsibility to Consumers: As an organization that profits from providing products and services to consumers, we aim to offer high-quality, affordable, safe, comfortable, and durable goods and services, satisfying consumers' material and spiritual needs.

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