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Quality Control

ABS insists on seeking sustainable development, pursuing stable quality, and building a first-class brand in compliance with the international laws & regulations.At same time ,various management systems to meet the customers’ requirements.

Our company quality policy :We continuously improve product quality service, and move customers sincerely; We continuously improve the level of technological innovation and build a first-class brand.

Quality control: Incoming Inspection, Process Inspection,Finished Product Inspection.

Inspection content:

1) Environmental Testing ----- Atomic Spectrophotometer,Third Party Test.Physical Test ----- 14 Main Items of Zippers.

2) 2)Comprehensive Test- Acid Test, Nickel Free Test, Needle Test, Color Fastness Test, Water Wash Test, Salt Spray Test, High and Low Temperature Test, Standard and Certificate.

3) Adoption standard ASTM D-2061 、 BS3084 、 DIN3419 、 QB/T2171-2173 、 REACH 、 CPSIA

4) Guidelines for the implementation of basic safety technical specifications of national textile products.

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