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Armani Privé  The fall/winter 2021 haute couture fashion show was launched at the Italian Embassy In Paris. This season, the theme of “Shine” echoes the spring/summer 2021 haute couture collection “In Homage to Milan”. A common thread runs through the show, with 68 looks that convey a depth of purity beyond the season.
They from the color to the fabric, and then to the details of the design to be radiant; They have noble blood lineage but let the wearer go up behind enough comfortable and at ease, will each woman’s charm and elegant perfect foil.
This season’s signature color palette echoes the 2021 haute couture spring/summer collection ‘In Homage to Milan’. Blue gray, indigo blue and other colors that capture the charm of the season are low-key and luxurious, which contain the brand’s fashion breath of retro nobility

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Post time:Jul-19-2021
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