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As for color collocation, perhaps this is one of the most frustrating problems for Chinese designers, because in the design education of Chinese universities, color courses can only be talked about in a superficial way, and when it comes to the society, I find that I know very little about color.In fact, the most beautiful color matching comes from the nature that we are familiar with. Tencent also cooperated with Pantone Company to customize its own exclusive brand color and released "Tencent Blue", which is justifiable.Jingdong uses color to convey its brand story. Red is "elegance", "care" and "sureness", etc., which is extended to "trust" of Jingdong Hong, so that people have a good impression on "Jingdong Hong".As the life cycle of products becomes shorter, "color marketing" is also a powerful entry point in marketing.There is a saying that "the color you like exposes your character and psychology". Color marketing itself is the "true color" of marketing consumers.


Post time:Apr-28-2021
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