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  • ABS Company issued 2023 New Products

    ABS Zipper Company recently developed some new products,and new products issued on July 7,2023.Those products enjoy new design,good appearance and wide use.They suitable to use at Coat,Jean,Bag,Shirt,Jacket,etc.The file showed each zipper or buttons numbers and sliders m...
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  • How can the Spring/Summer 2023 Paris Fashion Week grasp the fashion trends of the next six months

    The spring/Summer 2023 Paris Fashion Week has come to an end.The biannual fashion week continues to incorporate the world’s most diverse and stylized expressions of fashion,revealing the future of fashion trends.After a 2-year hiatus from "full" Fashion Week,it's back in...
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  • Garment zipper technology

    For fashion designers, the combination of zipper style design can enhance the function, strengthen the style, enrich the design language, try to apply zipper to all details of clothing, dart, shoulder line, yuke, skirt...... In addition to the conventional structural lin...
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  • China is the world’s largest manufacturer of zippers

    China is the largest zipper manufacturing country in the world. This is due to the high demand for raw materials such as zippers in the downstream clothing market. Currently, the demand for zippers is still huge, and it is expected that the demand for zippers still has r...
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  • Continued growth of Chinese Zipper & Garment

    According to customs statistics, in the first quarter of 2022, the total value of zipper imports and exports in China was $457 million, increase 32.87% than last year. The export value was 412 million US dollars, increase 36.29% than last year. From the data, the import and export of Chinese zi...
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  • How to identify the zipper number and type

    Zippers are know to all,but very less person know their numbers and types except the expert of zippers or the factories who sell the zippers.Today,let us come into factory and know the zipper better. First,let’s know the zipper numbers.Normally,zipper numbers have 3#,5#,...
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  • Fashion Week 2022

    The Best Street Style at Stockholm Fashion Week Spring 2022 As Stockholm Fashion Week returned to an IRL format, with a few catwalks, many showroom visits, and even more digital presentations, street style reverted to form. Tailoring and polished minimalism are still mai...
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  • Zipper Type Driving

    Every person may know well”All vehicles must give way to pedestrians.”But have you heard”Vehicles give way to Vehicles”? On Aug.2,2021,the journalist learn from Xi’an Police office,Er’huan Road priority to promote “Zipper Type Driving” Traffic organization as of today.It means””Vehicles give wa...
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  • Street Style in Sync: The Best Matching Looks of Summer

    Good things come in twos-or threes, or fours. This is especially true when it comes to street style. Some of the freshest looks of the summer are coming as twofers (or more), with duos in dynamic dresses, couples in complementary colors, and squads in similar silhouettes...
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    Sometimes the clothes are very new, but the zipper breaks, this is many people have met, such as jeans, can say that the zipper is broken, basically can not wear, coat can also make do without zipper. So many clothes, do you have to idle because the zipper is broken? In fact, it is completely un...
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  • Alibaba On-line Purchasing Season

    Alibaba On-line Purchasing Season Entrance had begun at 15:30 on July 19,2021. Many Alibaba members of B2B were busy to prepare with their hot products in order to take a place in September Purchasing Season. Alibaba On-line Purchasing Season devide into 4 parts for Signing up.First,qualification...
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  • Armani Privé F/W 2021

    Armani Privé The fall/winter 2021 haute couture fashion show was launched at the Italian Embassy In Paris. This season, the theme of “Shine” echoes the spring/summer 2021 haute couture collection “In Homage to Milan”. A common thread runs through the show, with 68 looks t...
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