Every person may know well”All vehicles must give way to pedestrians.”But have you heard”Vehicles give way to Vehicles”?


On Aug.2,2021,the journalist learn from Xi’an Police office,Er’huan Road priority to promote “Zipper Type Driving” Traffic organization as of today.It means””Vehicles give way to Vehicles”will become new Traffic Civilization wind Vane in Xi’an.


On the surface of high-speed road,you can see the letters”1,2,3”It showed the Vehicles driving order.We believe in this way,we may increase traffic efficiency to 10% or 20%.


It was a common thing that two ways become one way when normal driving.If you are a driver,how you will choose to drive?According to the law on the road traffic safety No.45 rules:the Vehicles need to alternately driving when meeting shortage of the road,crossing or without traffic lights,signs,lines or intersection where guided by traffic policeman need to stop and wait or slowly driving.


What is “Zipper Type Driving”?Simply to say “The Vehicles need to alternately and circularly driving when meeting two ways become one way.It means the Vehicles on the left goes ahead,then the right one goes next,like a zipper,both sides alternate with each other.So this kind of traffic alternate driving called”Zipper Type Driving”.

If this traffic policy carried out well,it may promote to other provinces,cities.I think it can largely extent to avoid the driver scramble the road and not give the way to each other,it result the traffic congestion occurs frequently during the peak hours.

zipper Shape Driving Road

Post time: Aug-20-2021