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Sometimes the clothes are very new, but the zipper breaks, this is many people have met, such as jeans, can say that the zipper is broken, basically can not wear, coat can also make do without zipper. 

So many clothes, do you have to idle because the zipper is broken? In fact, it is completely unnecessary. Most of the time, the zipper can be repaired by itself, and you can continue to wear it. 


The first:  Sometimes zipper, zipper pull in the past, but the zipper teeth did not together, actually this is the question about which pull head, find a pliers, gently clamp the zipper head, and then try to pull, can find zipper can join together, but this clip of the zipper again after a period of time will not pull in, because mainly the zipper head has deformation,  The best way is to replace the zipper head directly. Buy a suitable zipper head, which you can buy online, and then install it yourself. Installation is laborious, and you need to gently insert it at the top of the zipper. 


Second: the zipper is not smooth enough.  If there is something wrong with the zipper the smooth degree of, for example is very easy to get stuck, pull to the half, encounter this kind of problem don’t try so hard, in fact this is a very good solve, only need you to prepare a candle, burn candles gently under the zipper slide above a few, let each zipper teeth are stained with some candles on above, if there is no candle,  Instead of soap can also be applied, and then pull the zipper head can be found when pulling a lot of smooth, and DORA will be more smooth after a few times. 

The third:  Zipper teeth, actually off teeth don’t often happen, the case that shows the quality of the zipper is too bad really, the basic is unable to repair, can be directly replace the whole zipper, in zipper method is complicated, take a look first at can’t buy appropriate length and the color of zipper, but look at the clothes is not suitable for the situation of tearing down the old change new zipper zipper. 


In fact in addition to learn maintenance zipper, also hope that we can choose a few more suitable clothes, buy clothes when look at the situation of the zipper, such as look at quality, and as far as possible choose durable explosion-proof zipper, of course good zipper a dozens of pieces which will affect the price of clothes, dress for later can save worry, however, the money is worth the investment. 


Post time:Jul-28-2021
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