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  • Costume design, color matching —- nature, the best color matching expert

    As for color collocation, perhaps this is one of the most frustrating problems for Chinese designers, because in the design education of Chinese universities, color courses can only be talked about in a superficial way, and when it comes to the society, I find that I kno...
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  • ABS zipper Global Shop in Alibaba

    ABS Zhejiang Chuangfa Zipper Technology Co.,Ltd. joined Alibaba Group International Advertising Promotion in April.On April 9,2021,our shop in Alibaba International Website officially opened.Welcome customers from home and abroad to visit our shop and send an enquiry.O...
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  • zipper makes the design unique

    Zipper is one of the indispensable practical accessories in clothing style. It can play a functional role and also increase the decorative effect.The unique function and various decoration make it create a lot of possibilities in the fashion design. For fashion designer...
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  • Autumn/Winter 2021 Shanghai Fashion Week

    Autumn/Winter 2021 Shanghai Fashion Week is themed with “Bloom THE Spring”. In the post-epidemic era, there are both contradictory and interrelated will pursuits. On the one hand, intelligent life permeates our surroundings, reshaping and challenging the experience of reality. At the ...
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  • Nature, the eternal theme of mankind

    AW21 China international fashion week, brand show, style diversity, some design simple and comfortable, have interpreted defying time independent women, also have the list of national intangible cultural heritage, but relatively prominent point is many brands tend to close to nature, whether it i...
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  • The design of the zipper is just right. It feels elegant, fashion expert must!

    Wear this one single pinter outside another trend, the design of the zipper is just right, a lot of people should be able to realize, there are beautiful beautiful clothes is how important, no matter who cannot leave the beautiful appearance, because most people are busy with work and to live, ig...
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  • Commitment to increase the use of sustainable resource

    1: Resources Increase the use of sustainable resources All commodities and packaging materials, by switching to sustainable materials, reduce the burden on the environment, reduce waste generation through the life cycle of commodities, reduce the use of natural oil, and contribute to the realiza...
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  • The RMB has appreciated by more than 8% against the U.S dollar in half a year, and foreign trade enterprises have taken many measures to avoid foreign exchange risks

    The RMB has appreciated by more than 8% against the U.S dollar in half a year, and foreign trade enterprises have taken many measures to avoid foreign exchange risks From the low level at the end of May to now, the RMB exchange rate has recovered all the way and recently reached around 6.5, enter...
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  • The Fall 2021season in Seoul

    The fall 2021 season just wrapped up in Seoul, where locals attended a few IRL presentations between dozens of mostly virtual shows. Our photographer Nam Huynh was there to cover the best street style looks around the city. Some of the local trends feel familiar, like the lug-sole boots and decon...
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