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Zippers are know to all,but very less person know their numbers and types except the expert of zippers or the factories who sell the zippers.Today,let us come into factory and know the zipper better.

First,let’s know the zipper numbers.Normally,zipper numbers have 3#,5#,7#,8#,10#,12#,15#,20# even 30#,but mostly time,we  use 3#,5#,7# ,8# and 10# zippers often.How to identify the zipper numbers?We can put zipper slider at reverse side,then you can see some numbers.For examples:3 means 3# zipper,5 means 5# zipper,8 means 8#zipper,etc.But if you can’t find the numbers at bottom of slider base,you can measure the zipper teeth,for samples:teeth 4mm is 3# zipper,5-6mm is 5# zipper,7mm is 8# zipper,9-10m is 10# zipper.And different zipper slider need to match different zipper types.For examples,7#Nylon zipper had to match 7#Nylon Slider,5# Metal Zipper had to match 5#metal slider,8# Vislon zippers had to match 8# Vislon zipper slider.

Second,for zipper types,we have three main categories:Metal zipper,Plastic zipper and Nylon zipper.Except those,we also have waterproof zipper,reversed zipper,hidden zipper.fireproof zipper,high temperature zipper,jean zipper and special zipper.Waterproof zipper,reversed zipper and hidden zipper belong to Nylon zipper.Fireproof zipper,high temperature belong to special zipper.And Jeans zipper belong to metal zipper.For Nylon Zipper,it has front side and reversed side.Normally,front side nylon zipper,slider and zipper teeth in same direction.And for reversed side nylon zipper,including waterproof zipper,hidden zipper,slider and teeth in negative direction.

Anyway,after learning above,can you better understand the zipper now?Do you have an general idea of the zippers?If you have any question or comment,welcome to contact us,we will give you a good reply!


Post time:Dec-14-2021
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