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 1: Resources

Increase the use of sustainable resources

All commodities and packaging materials, by switching to sustainable materials, reduce the burden on the environment, reduce waste generation through the life cycle of commodities, reduce the use of natural oil, and contribute to the realization of a circular society.

 2: The water

Reduce the use of water, strengthen the management of sewage and wastewater,

In view of the increasingly serious problems of water resource depletion and water quality deterioration, it is committed to reducing the amount of water required in production and operation, and reducing an environmental load of sewage discharge.

· Reduce water intake by focusing on water efficiency and reuse at production sites in areas with water problems.

· Follow the company’s own standards based on government laws and regulations and industry standards such as ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemical Substances) and implement the management of wastewater at all production sites.

 3. Chemicals

Management and reduction of chemical substances

In order to ensure a rich life for future generations, the company minimizes the impact and burden of chemicals on the environment.

· Based on industry benchmarks such as MRSL (Restricted Substances List at Manufacturing Time) based on ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemical Substances), manage the use of chemical substances in all aspects of the manufacturing process from into-out to further reduce the use of chemical substances.

· Abide by industry regulations such as Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex  to eliminate the use of restricted substances in products.

Develop new manufacturing methods to reduce emissions of harmful chemicals.

 Respect human rights and maintain a fair and safe working environment

We value the universal concept of respect for the dignity and rights of all people and contribute to a diverse and sustainable society.

Through the recognition and respect of the comprehensive human right



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