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China is the largest zipper manufacturing country in the world. This is due to the high demand for raw materials such as zippers in the downstream clothing market. Currently, the demand for zippers is still huge, and it is expected that the demand for zippers still has room to grow. This is because China has a large population base and a natural advantage in market size. And become the domestic clothing industry steady growth of the main source of power. In 2022, driven by the gradual effect of pro-consumption policies and holiday consumption, the domestic textile and apparel demand market has steadily recovered, and its driving role in the steady recovery of industrial economic operation has been enhanced.

 In recent years, the import volume of zippers showed negative growth, while the export volume continued to grow. In terms of export destinations, Southeast Asia is the main export region for zippers, especially Vietnam is the largest export region for zippers in China. At present, the large domestic zipper enterprises are trying to improve the production technology and brand awareness, constantly increase capital investment, layout overseas production bases, strengthen the development of marketing channels, and cooperate with domestic clothing brands and manufacturers, march to the international high-end market, and gradually gain more market share. For example, Zhejiang Chuangfa Zipper Company continues to promote intelligent manufacturing, provide one-stop service, meet customers' personalized needs, take the road of high cost performance and personalized, and YKK differentiation competition.


Post time:Sep-28-2022
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