Alibaba On-line Purchasing Season Entrance had begun at 15:30 on July 19,2021.

Many Alibaba members of B2B were busy to prepare with their hot products in order to take a place in September Purchasing Season.

Alibaba On-line Purchasing Season devide into 4 parts for Signing up.First,qualification Checking;Second,need sign up Alibaba Discount Meetingplace advance;Third,products comply with international customers hobbies.Fourth,the sellers in alibaba didn’t break national law or alibaba rules,otherwise the sellers can’t join this On-line Purchasing Season.

Fortunately,we,ABS Zipper had reached those requirements.In order to get more customer flow from Alibaba Purchasing Season,we were busy preparing RTS products(Taking photos,Uploading products,Matching good Keywords,etc.).The RTS products need at least 30% of total goods,so we had tried our best to upload more goods within these days before end of signing up.

Come on,ABS partner!Let’s fight on Alibaba On-line Purchasing Season in September,2021.



Post time: Jul-20-2021