ABS Zhejiang Chuangfa Zipper Technology Co.,Ltd.had joined Outdoor Expanding Activities on May 8,2021.

On May 8,2021 morning,all the staffs took the bus to Jiaxing Plum Blossom Area for Outdoor Expanding Activities.We were very excited,talked and song on the way to there.

We arrived Jiaxing Plum Blossom Area at 9:00 am.After we got off the bus,the Coaches led us to one of big playground in the Plum Blossom Area Park,then they told us the rules of outdoor expanding activities.Later,we divided into 5 groups,and the coaches requested us to voted team leader,confirmed team song,team flag and team slogan.After finishing group activities,each group had performed with our Cheers.

At 11.30am,we had finished morning activities,and the coach led us to the Canteen of the Plum Bloom Area.After we finished our lunch,we check in our accommodation and then rest for 2 hours.

At 13.30pm,we gather at the place which we stayed in the morning,then began our after outdoor expanding activities.We had played 5 projects.Shooting Sword,Looking for same fruit,Transporting Ping-Pang Ball to pointed place,holding the sticks and playing the balls on the drum.First we tried,after 10 minutes,we had matched among 5 teams.At last,after 5 turns matches,the second team got higher accumulate points and won the victory.

After finishing 5 projects,we did last projects---Group team through the wall.It was team work.All the people unite as one,help each other.We thought a good way to through the wall.Some men to take human ladder,some men as assistant to lift people,and other some men move another side to pick up the people when him turn the wall.Our ABS Team,we concerted effort,all of one heart,lastly,all the people got through the wall,no body ecptoma.We were very exited.though this outdoor expanding activities,we knew that all the difficulties can be overcome if all of one heart.We are excellent team.

After finished last activity,we gone to canteen for supper.Around 18:00pm we had a fire dancing show on the playground.All the people forgot the tiredness and worry,enjoyed this love time.Music,dancing,singing all around us,we had a nice evening.This was the most happiest time I was in ABS company.Hoping more similar activities can be hold in future days.

On the second day morning,we did 3 activities.Turn Circle and rope skipping,back fall and rope swinging with music.We were very happy though we left a lot of sweat.In the afternoon,after finishing lunch,we had 2 hours free time to visit Plum Blossom Area park.

At 15:30,we took the bus go back factory with our laughter.We had a nice trip.

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Post time: May-25-2021